Monday, April 9, 2012

Ozzie Hearts Castro

Blowing a two-run lead in the 9th is bad enough. [Did anyone notice that the 6 runs given up in the game were shared by two of the big free-agent acquisitions? Zambrano - 4ER, Bell - 2ER. How about those off season moves?]

But he can't keep his mouth shut. He likes Castro? Seriously? Even if he says it's personal, not political, does that make it any better?

Apparently not. Cue the boycott. Hey Marlins! How's that Little Havana outreach going?

Even better: ask him how he feels about Chavez in Venezuela and see if he can alienate even more of the Miami community.

This is going to go one of two ways: either Guillen keeps his mouth shut from here on out, or he's gone.

I say: Fire Guillen

Friday, April 6, 2012

Cincinnati Loves Ozzie

Just so we're keeping the scorecard up-to-date:

2 games, 14 strikeouts, 7 hits, and a double-steal-double-play.

Don't forget, Cincinnati's first opening-day shutout since 1980.

Run, Ozzie, run. Far away.

Fire Ozzie Guillen.

Fire Ozzie Guillen

After suffering through two games, one shutout, and one run from the "awesome and ridiculous" offense. We get this.

He's a character. He's a story-line. He's a free spirit.

He's a drunk.

And that's not to mention his questionable coaching ability.

1. Reyes hitting the ball in the air in his first two at bats (didn't he ever see Major League).
2. Reyes and Ramirez staring at each other like little-leaguers while the ball trickles through the infield.
3. Bonifacio tanking it on a fly ball.
4. Starting Josh Johnson the first game, even though he clearly wasn't ready and St. Louis wasn't starting their ace. How about putting him in a less stressful position for his first start in almost a year.

I can't wait until Zambrano explodes.

I admit that my expectations may be a little high. But I don't like the direction this season is headed already. If the Marlins end the season looking up at the Nats again, I'm moving to Alaska.

Fire Ozzie Guillen before this gets worse.