Friday, April 6, 2012

Fire Ozzie Guillen

After suffering through two games, one shutout, and one run from the "awesome and ridiculous" offense. We get this.

He's a character. He's a story-line. He's a free spirit.

He's a drunk.

And that's not to mention his questionable coaching ability.

1. Reyes hitting the ball in the air in his first two at bats (didn't he ever see Major League).
2. Reyes and Ramirez staring at each other like little-leaguers while the ball trickles through the infield.
3. Bonifacio tanking it on a fly ball.
4. Starting Josh Johnson the first game, even though he clearly wasn't ready and St. Louis wasn't starting their ace. How about putting him in a less stressful position for his first start in almost a year.

I can't wait until Zambrano explodes.

I admit that my expectations may be a little high. But I don't like the direction this season is headed already. If the Marlins end the season looking up at the Nats again, I'm moving to Alaska.

Fire Ozzie Guillen before this gets worse.

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